Criticism of the work of insurers over the past few years has indeed increased, and in particular, the Accounting Chamber took part in it, and at the end of 2016 accused the insurers of failing to protect patients’ rights over the past three years ( for more details, see “Kommersant” on December 19 2016 ). In early 2018, several initiatives that toughened the requirements for the work of insurance organizations in the health sector were released by the Ministry of Health ( for details, see “Kommersant” on February 28 ). At the end of May, during the SPIEF, both Mrs. Golikova and the head of the Ministry of Health Veronika Skvortsova promised the OMC system greater centralization for more efficient work, which may also indirectly require reform of the insurers’ work.

However, unlike the reform of the pension system, which the government planned to carry out shortly (according to Kommersant, while there is still no specific decision on retirement age – it is expected next week), the reform of the insurance component of CHI is unlikely to begin before 2019. Kommersant was informed by the press service of the Accounting Chamber that the department’s auditors plan to present their analysis of the work of insurers in the OMC system only in the autumn – it is likely that it will start the reform.

However, despite the delayed start of reform of structural issues in the healthcare sector, yesterday the government once again announced a significant increase in spending on it. President Vladimir Putin in a straight line said that the national program to combat cancer would cost the budget 1 trillion rubles. Until the year 2024. This means that the MHI system will receive about 100-150 billion rubles a year. Additional funds.